About us

Rarely has there been such anticipation of the sui generis that Stork restaurant is bringing to London’s diverse gastronomic offerings. Stork restaurant, based in Cork Street Mayfair elegantly infuses West African and eastern European inspired cuisines to present something uniquely British, unprecedented in London.

Ambitiously pioneered by dynamic young couple, Michael Adjovi Kalu and Nadina Grigoras and consulted by the virtuoso chef Adebola Adeshina whose CV comprises of six years with Gordon Ramsay at Aubergine and Royal Hospital Road as well as at Petrus under Marcus Wareing.

The Stork offers seasonal menus passionately and expertly created using the proprietors pioneering architype that will harvest its allure to London’s curious and experimental diners and gastronomes.

Guests can choose from the lunch, a la carte and bar nibbles menus, all created with the Stork’s unique focus on the exotic amalgamation of cuisines and ingredients that will leave diners in a culinary captivation.